Planner & Cost Controller


Tasks and responsibilities:


• Develop, implement, nurture, reconcile and maintain valuable project control databases and reports for projects

• Plan the project, schedule, cost engineering (budget and forecast), measure the progress and overall control of the project

• Promote cost controlling, analysis and reporting projects and monitor the implementation of cost optimization initiatives in the various business functions

• Monitor and evaluate the overall performance of company management and propose the necessary collective in the event of any economic and financial imbalances

• Provide information on planned performance and alert the project team about problems that can cause delays and propose recovery scenarios

• Maintain database integrity and perform monthly cost accounting and forecast reports

• Conduct cost analysis, cost control and budget and cash flow monitoring. Also define the causes of the deviations from the budget objectives and propose, where possible, adequate corrective actions

• Guarantee the correct and timely execution of the budgeting and forecasting processes as well as of the prospective plans with operational objectives

• Support the various company functions in defining operational strategies, in risk management, in the allocation of resources by developing proposals to improve the profitability of individual activities

• Report appropriate KPIs for company personnel

• Develop quantity release and / or installation curves for assigned disciplines / areas or specialties.

• Review and approve invoice verification for payment based on cost-borne schedules, as required.


Qualification profile:

Purpose of the position: professional who is responsible for ensuring that the corporate accounting, reporting and financial management of the company function correctly and effectively, thus allowing the company to achieve its objectives. He is also responsible for the management of financial operations, coordinating the staff assigned as accountants and management control clerks and working closely with the company management in order to provide support in the planning phase.


Requirements and skills:


• Degree in Civil / Mechanical Engineering or equivalent; degree in business administration

• Progressive experience of 5-10 years in the infrastructure procurement sector

• Strong familiarity with project management

• High organizational, management and communication skills

• Extensive technical knowledge and experience in project planning, budgeting, cost timing and control from project start to closure, using computer based systems (Primavera and / or Microsoft Project)

• Good knowledge of Document Control software operation

• Contract Management 'Expedition as part of an integrated project services function for the effective management of a wide range of competing projects, to achieve the objectives of the business plan

• ERP system, SAP

• Excellent knowledge of English and German (optional)

• Excellent knowledge of the financial process and all accounting principles (GAAP)


Professional experiences:

• Previous experience in the field of accounting, financial sector

• Ideally experiences in the photovoltaic and construction sector


Contatto: Boscaini, Cosimo